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“We support outstanding companies and investment strategies with growth capital – through our vast network of Swiss and international investors.”


Personal relationships

Our mandates all arise from personal relationships within our network. They grow from people who share our values, and with whom we have strong bonds of trust, understanding them on a deeper level. We are personally invested in all our mandates and are always in close contact with company management.


We operate both nationally and internationally and are in high demand with innovative entrepreneurs and powerful investors alike. Our excellent reputation and our focus on select mandates enables us to work on only the most promising and profitable opportunities. We offer what no other financial institution can: Access to specialised industries and fast-growing private companies, as well as the opportunity to be a part of their growth.


With our reputation for specialised knowledge and finance, we have access to amazing opportunities – and our focus lies solely on the very best of the best. For us, truly indispensable factors are an expert and charismatic management team, a firm’s clear and unique selling point, a scalable business model, a persuasive long-term strategy, and finally, a firm exit strategy.