Marketing / Fundraising


Building valuable human relations

In the fast-revolving world of financial markets where risks are difficult to assess, personal relationships full of trust with potential investors are crucial. Therefore, the following principles are fundamental to our work:


We want to thoroughly understand anything we represent in front of our clients and investors. This takes time and not only requires a strict selection of our partners, but also a disciplined limitation of the service mandates that we manage simultaneously. TrueValuePartners never undertakes more than five mandates at the same time. This is how we ensure that we don’t spread ourselves too thin and instead are trustworthy partners who internalize the “spirit” of each company and speak the same language to potential investors. On the other hand, our investors appreciate the consistency of our offering and the fact that we follow our true beliefs instead of short-term trends.


Automated mass handling is not our thing. This is why we distinctly and unequivocally prefer telephone and personal contact over the electronic route. Experience shows that an email can easily get lost in the daily flood of information. For EVERY service mandate, not only the first contact, but also follow-ups with potential investors always take place on the phone. This is the only way to quickly find out where we’re at and get the honest feedback we want. We would never trust automated mass emails. Instead, we rely on a personal network with international investors that has grown organically over the years.


It is well-known that too many cooks spoil the broth and nothing is more embarrassing than different sources presenting the same opportunity to one investor. That is why our focus on a maximum of five mandates goes hand in hand with extensive exclusivity of our service liaisons. Therefore, we usually claim exclusivity for distribution within a country or a precisely defined region. Furthermore, we do not enter into a mandate relationship if other third party distributors have already been or are active in the same market. Exceptions can be made, in which case an absolutely profound and professional coordination of service activities is of central importance.