Forging strong links

“You cannot not communicate”. The famous quote by the philosopher Paul Watzlawick will certainly never lose its topicality. Communication is basically everything we do every day. The human communication system is as complex as that of dolphins, but we are mostly not aware of it. Our communication service offering is as follows:

With our communications consultancy, we bridge the gaps between a company and its various stakeholders. For that, we rely on the following principles:

Holistic Approach

For us, listening is more important than talking because optimal communication can only take place if all aspects of a company are included, from its history to its present, and its business models, teams, and stakeholders. This requires unrestricted attention, cross-linked thinking, and a good dose of humility towards the uniqueness of each individual.


Clarity in thinking and acting is always evident in our communication. We see ourselves as an external sparring partner who might also put his finger on sore spots and openly addresses contradictions. We stand for simplicity, honesty, and directness.


We pay a lot of attention to this aspect. We consider going into detail particularly important in order to let external communication succeed. Fine-tuning content and statements is therefore not just work for us, but above all it is done out of passion. We are only satisfied when communication is consistent down to the very last detail.

Feedback from our customers

“TrueValuePartners supported us very effectively in the content creation for our website. Our needs were conceived very quickly and implemented editorially.”

Dr. Fredy Greuter, Head of Communication, Swiss Employers’ Association

“TrueValuePartners is our reliable partner for external communication. We appreciate the quick comprehension and responsiveness to our needs. The content is consistently of high quality.”

Dr. Holger Hohgardt, Board of Directors, Finad Financial Advisors

“Christian Graber provided us with very reliable editorial support in media relations and on various social projects. We appreciated his structured and effective approach as well as the quick editorial implementation of content of all kinds. “

Barbara Salm, Head of Communication, Directorate for Culture and Social Affairs, Migros culture percentage